Meet the Australasia Preserves Co-Organisers

Australasia Preserves Co-Organisers 2020

The Australasia Preserves community of practice would not thrive without dedicated people volunteering their time and energy to organise and facilitate monthly meeting topics, blog posts, and encouraging interaction on our forum.

The 2020 Co-Organisers are (L-R in image above): Rachel Tropea, Jaye Weatherburn, Lee-Anne Raymond, Ali Hayes-Brady, Andrea Goethals, Matthew Burgess, and Dave Allen.

The first task we set ourselves was to ask the community what topics are most of interest to hear about at our monthly meetups, and we are encouraging feedback up until 31 July in our survey.

The Co-Organisers group meets monthly, so if you have ideas or want to get more involved in the community, please reach out to us.